Сloud Parrot is very first budget line of liquid from the RELL company. This brand offers you 5 incredible liquids.»
Cloud Parrot is available to everyone!
The line will surprise you with a high quality pleasant combination of products and affordable price. We are still developing our distribution network. We want our liquids to be found in every modern Vape Shop in the world. Cloud Parrot is not just a product it is a lifestyle
Has taught a parrot to speak.
It has turned out that the main difficulty ahead-to teach him to keep quiet at least sometimes
A thief gets into the house, and there is a parrot.
— Kesha sees everything!
The thief covered the cage with a towel, and the parrot says:
— But it’s not me who’s Kesha! Kesha is a bulldog…
Two friends went to the zoo.
Walking past the aviary with tropical birds, one asks:
— Sanya, why parrots are green?
— Why, don’t you know? Trees give them motion sickness
Good news:
— The group of lost in the jungle of Tahiti Russian tourists was found through swearing parrots.
One pal tells another:
— Today I tried to teach my parrot to dance dubstep, but it looks like he is a moron.
— Are you sure it’s him who’s a moron?
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