We produce a truly high-quality and affordable product.

«Russian e-liquids laboratory» is the leading Russian manufacturer of fluids for electronic steam generators. The company started in June 2015 and almost immediately took a significant niche in the market of liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Since then, the «Russian e-liquids laboratory» is constantly increasing production volumes. Thus, the company is currently working on the release of goods for the following lines:

  • Cloud Parrot
  • Epic Cartoon
  • Gods Of Vape
  • Jellyfish 2.0
  • Cocktails
  • Big Cloud Parrot
  • Rainbow Fruits
  • Cloud Pig
  • Drink Me
  • RELL
  • Indian

But not only production volumes grow. Since the company was found, its stuff has grown several times as well. We are proud of our professionals, who help us to produce excellent liquid for electronic cigarettes. Great product quality — it’s an achievement of our employees. By the way, production is located in Kostroma.

We monitor not only the quality of our products, but also the flavour combinations that are in demand among our customers. So 'Berry coctail', 'Mojito', 'Iceberg', 'Fruit ice tea' from our 'Cloud Parrot' line, 'Zeus', 'Morpheus' from the 'Gods of Vape' line — are real bestsellers! We consider these results in the formation of the sales areas.

But we’re not going to stop where we are now, constantly improving the quality of our products and ready to drop new lines and new flavours!

«Russian e-liquids laboratory» is the company which is always open for dialogue!

We welcome cooperation with partners, dealers, representatives of wholesale companies and other interested parties. There are different ways to contact us — by phone, mail, or directly through the site.


Production in Russia
At this stage of development of the company, the products are produced in the territory of the Russian Federation. It promotes effective growth of the market of the liauids for electronic steam generators. As a result of untapped and unbridled industry, there is a wide range of ideas that are embodied in our product.
Eco-Friendly Equipment
In our production, we use the latest equipment that meets all the standards of modern production. Minimising waste, use of ultrasonic baths for cleaning the conveyor parts, and much more is the result of productive work of people interested in the quality and ecological purity of our product.
High-quality raw materials
Being present on the market of liquids for electronic steam generators for long time, we found out, which manufacturers of raw materials work for the quality, and which for the quantity. This formed the base of reliable suppliers, whose products are supported by certificates and declarations of the customs union.